Information on River Cleaning

The Chandrabhaga river is one that is regarded as holy. Sewage treatment plants (STPs) will be set up on the banks of the river to ensure that only treated effluents are discharged into the river. While information about the clean-up of the iconic Thames river in London, which was transformed from being a polluted, biologically dead water body, will be sought.

Maharashtra Remote Application Centre (MRSAC), Nagpur, will map out the river, its area, cities, population, industries and agriculture on its banks, dams, sewerage and effluent discharge on the route using satellite technology. Waste and sewerage treatment plants will be installed to ensure that only treated water is discharged into the river. The waterfront in the cities on the banks of the river will be developed to create recreational facilities.

Apart from improving the environment and recreating a rich biological ecosystem, the clean-up will also bring down the cost of water supply schemes where water for villages and towns has to be taken from farther upstream or downstream due to pollution in the local source, thus increasing the capital and operating costs.