Importance of Chandrabhaga



In the west coast of Maharashtra, Bhima is flowing very magnificantly making her unique way in mids of lofty hills of Sahya also called as Bhimashankar Hills.From Bhimashankar Kshetra river flows in the south east direction within the states of Maharashtra,Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh crossing the long distance of 500 miles i.e.861 km.& merges into the Krishna river.   Pandharpur is a situated on bank of river Bhima or call also Bhivara, in this place the river takes the shape in half moon so the river is called in this place Chandrabhaga also. The River Bhima is called Chandrabhaga some stories. The cursed Moon bath in this place and he is curse free then the river are flows in half moon shape so people called it. Chandrabhaga. Some Researchers thought Bhagwat Skanda 5 adhyaya 19th 18th Shloka describe entity of Bhagirathi, Chandrabhaga in the Hindusthana’s glorious rivers, or the mention in same Mahabharata Bhishmaparva adhya 9th, also describe in Bhima River in Anand Ramayana. Lord Shri Ram visiting the same shrine outward journey on lanka for his beloved Shri Mata Sita.


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